Tailor-made and industry-specific products.


Optimisation in the overall process.

As diverse as the requirements of the automotive industry: KIGA transport and storage solutions.

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Safe, reliable, individual: The KIGA top sellers, such as plastic pallets and stacking frames, enrich your product range.

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Food industry

Safely clean.

The most important quality criterion: hygiene. Our innovative plastic pallet and stacking frame systems are durable and hygienic.

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Solar/electrical industry

The materials of the future.

The most sensitive goods transported and stored safely and reliably.

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Mechanical engineering/toolmaking 

Reliable stability.

The precisely fitting KIGA pallet systems are characterised not only by their high load-bearing capacity but also by their long service life.

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Pharmaceutical industry

Safe industry solution.

Reliable and dry stored goods are essential, especially in the medical sector - as well as easy-to-clean materials.

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Special load carriers

Exactly what you need.

Does your project require individual products, customised products or even complete solutions?

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 Answers to your questions

  • What pallet sizes and standards are available?

    KIGA offers plastic pallets in a wide range of sizes, for example the well-known Euro pallets in 800 x 1200 mm,
    but also industrial pallets (1000 x 1200 mm), display pallets or pallets in special sizes.
    Take a look around in our lexicon or in our shop!

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  • Is it possible to have individual products manufactured?

    Yes, this is possible. Together we look at your requirements, develop and manufacture
    products individually for your purposes. We look forward to your enquiry.


  • What does sustainability mean at KIGA?

    We rely on 98% recycled raw materials and plan products and resources sustainably.
    Efficient energy management benefits our environment and helps us to return
    raw materials to the material cycle again and again.

    KIGA Sustainability

Our latest contribution to a green future.
The sustainable KIGAFRAME®.

Made of 100% recycled plastic, completely produced free from foreign material the KIGAFRAME® is a new mile stone within the KIGA product development. Get to know it!

Transport solutions according to your requirements

Contact us also for individual enquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.

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