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Managing director

Wilhelm Kiendl

Managing director

Christoph Kiendl

Managing director

Andreas Kiendl

Assistant of the managing director

Saskia Burgmann

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Martin Wiegel

Head of Sales and Project Management; Authorised Representative

Head of Field Service

Ulrich Hoffmann

Sales/Export; state-certified business economist

Anne Engelhardt

Sales/Export; Industrial Business Administrator (IHK)

Alexandra Löcherbach


Patricia Bouillez

Sales/Export; Industrial Business Administrator (IHK)

Dominique Klappert

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Materials Management

Claudia Wichtner

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Financial Accounting

Lydia Klaus

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Production Manager

Stephan Albrecht

Consulting workpiece carriers/deep-drawn parts

Thomas John

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Lilly Esch

"Having a team that is as diverse
as our products themselves makes me proud.
Many of us have been part of it for a very long time
and have been playing a crucial role in shaping our philosophy.
All KIGA family members stand for quality and
reliability of the company and its products."

Christoph Kiendl, Managing director

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