98 %
recycled plastics
2 Tonnen
saving of 2 tons of CO2 per ton of material
80 %
space saving for folding containers
100 %
return to the material circle

KIGA places reliance on recycled plastics.

Product planning the sustainable way.

Sustainability in the sense of our environment means orienting all our actions towards the long-term consequences and effects on our planet and its creatures. For us as an industrial company, it means to use our earth's resources economically and to recycle raw materials whenever possible, i.e. returning them to the material cycle. How and why do we do this?

Responsibility for our planet
lies with all of us.


Good reasons for sustainability  

CO2 good for the environment.

Why new orientation of our actions and reducing our emissions? CO2 rises and each molecule throws back the heat that our earth radiates: the result - great climate, thanks to perfect circulation!

Hello global warming!

Today we produce so much CO2 that the excess part stands like a wall between heaven and earth: More and more heat is being reflected back - the buffer that our nature can absorb has long been exceeded. The result: our earth is warming up thus resulting in consequences for all living beings.

Courage to fill the gap.

We at KIGA have courage to fill the gap contributing our part by resource-saving and environmentally responsible acting – breaking through the wall by creating intermediate spaces: for a balanced equilibrium between CO2 emission, excess and environment.

5 Chances for the future

  • New sources of material

    Our products consist of 98% recycled regranulates - waste thus becomes our source of raw materials. The recycling of raw materials is no longer just a question of image, because as a company we must and want to respond to the limited availability of raw materials: With environmentally conscious and resource-saving measures, we ensure a closed material cycle within our production. With new recycling processes, plastic waste from industries and households is processed into high-quality regranulates. The recycled components are of extremely high quality. This protects our raw material reserves and reduces CO2 emissions.

  • Efficient energy management

    The future must be sustainable. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically look for long-term possibilities within the company to save energy, water and waste. In doing so, all people involved in the company are taken on board, informed about environmentally conscious measures and encouraged to implement them.

    A strategic and certified energy management system (DIN ISO 50001) helps us to do this: Certification not only sounds good, it also has the advantage of giving us certainty about the functionality and efficiency of the implemented energy management system.
    A contribution to a green future!

  • Using fuel economically

    In addition to be easy-to-handle, be lightweight and foldable our products have another outstanding advantage: they save fuel. Because no matter which way products go from delivery to disposal - they have a CO2 footprint and leave traces during many life cycles.
    With a methodical and consistent analysis, distribution routes can be optimised in a more environmentally conscious and cost-saving way.

  • Saving time and money with recycling

    Conscious dealing with our raw material is not only good for the environment but results in sufficient (entrepreneurial) resources like time and money. With products saving cost for waste disposal and ensuring long product lives, we are reducing costs of transport and storage.

    Our plastic containers and pallets consist of 98%  recycled material being sturdy, robust and durable.  It could hardly be more sustainable.

  • Controlling disposal processes

    The life cycle of a product ends with disposal? That may be - but it doesn't have to be! Especially at the end of the product cycle there is potential to save CO2, raw material, energy and costs in the company in the long term. This potential is exploited at KIGA: Our products are being returned into the material cycle by 100%. Again and again it is our decision. 

Our latest contribution towards a green future.
The sustainable KIGAFRAME

Made of 100 % recycled plastic, entirely without foreign material, the KIGAFRAME is a new milestone   in KIGA product development. Get to know it!



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