Play it safe.

Wherever water-polluting substances are used, stored or transported, safety collection pans are needed. They prevent unplanned leaks of liquids from seeping into the ground or groundwater. This not only protects the environment, but also employees and the company's own soil. Collecting trays from KIGA are deep-drawn from one piece and therefore have no welded seams that could leak. The trays offer high resistance to the majority of all acids and alkalis, lubricants and oils.

Information on sump capacity required

A sump tray has to collect 10 % of the stored liquid quantity, however, at least the quantity of the largest container.

Example 1:
20 canisters à 20 l = 400 litres
here applies: 10 % of the total quantity = 40 litres

Example 2:
10 canisters à 20 l + 1 barrel with 200 l = 400 litres
here applies: at least largest container = 200 litres

This calculation is a non-binding rule of thumb for containers up to 1000 litres located outside of water protection areas (here 100 % have to be collected) and can vary depending on the type of substance. Basically, the law applies, et al. German Water Resources Act (WHG) or the Chemicals Act (ChemG). Almost every KIGA sump tray is approved by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for structural Engineering) and may be labelled with the compliance mark (RCM).

Information on sump capacity required

Nahezu alle KIGA-Auffangwannen sind vom Deutschen Institut für Bautechnik zugelassen und dürfen mit dem Übereinstimmungszeichen ausgewiesen werden:

  • PE-Wannen, ab 20 Liter: Z.40-22.400

  • PET-Wannen, ab 20 Liter: Z.40-22.401

  • PE-Wannen, ab 200 Liter: Z.40-22.327

Gerne senden wir Ihnen die Zulassungspapiere unserer Wannen zu, falls Sie diese zur Vorlage bei einer Prüfstelle benötigen.


Our safety sumps


Collecting-tray with DIBt-license
(20L, 50L and 140L)

Tray for shelf unit with or without grate
(30L - 40L)


Plastic or galvanised collecting-tray
(820 x 1.220 mm)

Collecting-tray with feet
(820 x 1.220 mm)

Collecting-tray with feet
(820 x 1.220 mm)

Collecting-tray with wheels and handhold
(820 x 1.220 mm)

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