The foldable space miracle.

Pallet stacking frames must be functional as well as stable and guarantee easy handling: Our plastic stacking frames are the light-weight and at the same time hygienic, thus an alternative to conventional wooden stacking frames. Almost smooth inner surfaces mean easy cleaning, the precision fit allows variable stacking of several frames. Frames with four corner hinges can even be folded diagonally - for space-saving storage. The version with 6 hinges (2 additional centre hinges - available from size 600 x 800 mm) can be folded to the respective pallet size to save space. In addition to the plastic top frames, we also manufacture frames made of aluminium or steel. In addition to the frames, KIGA offers lids and stacking lids for safe closing as well as plastic space dividers according to individual requirements. And, best of all, our range now includes a top frame made of 100 % recycled plastic without any foreign materials: The KIGAFRAME.


6 reasons for a plastic extension frame

Low dead weight

Long life span

Accurate fit


Reinforcement possibility



Special features and characteristics

Our stacking frames

Individual labelling possibility

Secured to pallets with corner hinges

With 4 or 6 hinges for space-saving storage and transport


Stackable with a load of 600 kg due to lid or stacking corners

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