Innovative, simple and accurately fitting

KIGA systems for a safe transport

Useful systems which ensure safe transport as well as distribution of goods without damages and which also strengthen the confidence into your abilities.

The KIGA-Multi-Pallet

Multi-functional application, multi-functional loading. Due to the unique design of the top deck, different fixing devices can easily be plugged in for load securing and thus are secured against shifting.
Our standard product range of load securing equipment includes wedges, prisms and pins, which can be adjusted according to your specific application requirements. An all-rounder - especially for securing of round parts such as coils!

Pallets with anti-slip coating

Closed all around for highest stability: The pallet with anti-slip coating is closed all around and thus easily to clean and very hygienic. Due to the firm grouting of the top deck and the skids as well as the armouring in the top deck, the pallet is very sturdy and can stand applications in extreme ranges. The highlight of the pallet with coating: During production, the anti-slip mat is firmly grouted and therefore provides an all-over anti-slip coating.

Load-securing equipment

Load-securing equipment

Anti-slip-mat fixed permanently to pallet

Flexibly pluggable thanks to special top deck

For pallets with skids and feet!