The History of KIGA GmbH

February 2016
1986–2016 – 30. anniversary of the company 

February 2011
25. anniversary of the company

22. December 2008
Andreas and Christoph Kiendl become partners and managing directors

19. December 2005
Purchase of the estate Essener Straße 17 in Wilnsdorf with 6,666 m2 for starting a new production of plastic pallets

March 2005 until March 2006
Leasing of the production plant Im Farchet 17, Bad Tölz for the production of plastic pallets

27. February 1995
Entry of Mrs. Gerlinde Kiendl-Peter as a partner and managing director, Mr. Roman Gäbel withdraws as a partner

10. November 1992
Purchase of the estate Gießener Straße 3 in Wilnsdorf with 5,461 m2 and moving from Siegen to Wilnsdorf

20. December 1991
Conversion of the Gbr into KIGA Kunststofftechnik GmbH

February 1986
Formation of the company kiga Kiendl & Gaebel Kunststofftechnik Tiefziehverformung GbR Siegen by Mr. Wilhelm Kiendl and Mr. Roman Gäbel, located Hengsbachstraße 8 in Siegen